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The Matrimonial Home in Marriage Separation

As is the case with most marriages, the matrimonial home is typically the most significant asset shared between the…

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Deciding on a Business Structure

One of the key considerations when starting a business is determining the legal structure of the business: sole proprietorship,…

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Separation Agreements: Prioritize Child Care and Support

The breakdown of a relationship or a marriage has an inherent emotional and financial impact on a separating couple….

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Dental Leasing

When setting up a dental practice one of the most integral and over looked components is reviewing and negotiating…

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Selling Your Vet Practice – Things to Consider

Are you ready to Sell? Any prospective buyer will want information regarding the financial performance of your practice, existing…

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Why Have a Minute Book and Why Keep it Up to Date?

Legal Obligations A corporation is legally required to record certain transactions in its minute book including the appointment and…

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